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Collateral Management

Built a process from the ground up to manage collateral on behalf of a big four bank. This helped the client use the banks facility to further fulfil urgent orders.

Success Through Partnering

Smart Device Delivery Project

This was a proof of concept that proved very successful for another Big Four bank (FNB).




Collateral Management

Initiated and Managed a R200mil collateral project in Johannesburg on behalf of a big four bank. This assisted the client to release capital using their stock as collateral. Testpoint formulated a system that monitored key performance areas and placed strict guidelines and processes to ensure reporting structures were robust and relevant. This project is successfully running since 2012.

Smart Device Delivery Project

This was a proof of concept that proved very successful for another Big Four bank (FNB). We were commissioned by the banks service provider to formulate a delivery strategy for their smart devices. Our concept comprised a robust training regime for our drivers, strict dress code, scripting for ideal client engagement, tailored approach to ensure first call resolution, etc.

We also used the delivery process to cross promote ancillary products and services into that market. Our retention numbers went through the roof. Clients were surveyed after the visit by our ViP drivers and they scored the service 4.5 out of 5. The bank has retained the service as a full time offering.

Brand Activation

Assisted a large FMCG company in rolling out a national brand activation strategy for hair care and baby products. The service included exhibitions, listing with large retailers, producing creative, informing their strategy based on feedback from the market, etc.

Testpoint recruited and trained promo teams, deployed project leaders to engage with and gather information from target audience, ensured exhibit stands were tailored to the target audience, made the interaction fun and exciting. This resulted in 2 awards at the Africa International Hair Extravaganza 2013 for best stand and best hair food and one award for peoples choice most interactive stand at the Baba Indaba at Nasrec in August 2013 as voted by attendees.

Medical Project Management

Testpoint formed part of the Dipty Liver Foundation and is represented by Dr.Cinda Cupido, one of our directors. Dr. Cupido has a PhD in Human Genetics and brought her science background to the project. Dipti was diagnosed with a liver disorder that requires she have a liver transplant, which could be either a live liver donor or a cadaver donor.

Ad Chat

This is a collaboration between our technical partner and Testpoint. The platform is built on USSD technology. The user accesses the platform using a short code. It then plays a 20 second advert from the sponsoring company and then connects the user to the person they wish to chat to for a 60 second phone call. It is a brilliant tool to target the lower LSM market.

The campaign can be controlled based on budget where a user can be allowed 2 calls per day per number and the number of calls per campaign can also be limited. This is an ideal communication tool for activating brands in an area or it can be used as a loyalty tool. Airtel Senegal and Adidas Germany are using this platform very successfully.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Testpoint initiated a job creation project in malls in the Johannesburg region using the eco-friendly car wash units. Phase 2 targeted service stations that did not have the space or council approval to set up a water based car wash. Testpoint then divested its interests in the service station projects which are successfully running today. Barloworld approached Testpoint to take over their existing car wash services after the then provider decided to pull out.

Those jobs were saved and that project is still under the Testpoint wing today. Many of these employees are the main breadwinner in their households. Testpoint also awarded 50% shares in the Barloworld project to the employees. The intention is to develop the employees into successful business owners. A skill they can apply to their lives in perpetuity. A gift that keeps on giving.

Phase 2 of the project entails expansion into the Isando branch of Barloworld.


Testpoint has identified a need to develop the rural economies of South Africa. Education is key to harnessing the land resource effectively. The exodus of younger family members to urban areas is creating a void in the farming sector.

This is going to threaten food security. Testpoint is collaborating with a Swiss based NGO to roll out a strategy that will assist in building the agricultural sector region by region. Central to this roll out is a cloud-based platform that assists small outgrower farmers with various aspects of the farming process i.e. potential yields, fertiliser and spraying timetables, market pricing, training, etc. These interventions will help increase productivity, improve access to markets, and mitigate farming risk.